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Hey all!

I'm ever so impatient, so I decided to post the challenge a few days early. That gives you more time to enter, so it's all good. ^^

According to the poll results, most of you wished for me to supply you with pictures for the actor challenge. So naturally, I comply. But! You may also use your own pictures if you wish. That should work out fine for everyone. =) Good luck!

Actor Challenge #1: Orlando Bloom

Pictures: Number 1 | Number 2 | Number 3 | Number 4

[x] Use the pictures as you will, you may blend them together, but no animation.
[x] Feel free to use your own pictures.
[x] Remember to follow all rules stated in the userinfo.

Regular Challenge #1: Community icon

Your mission, if you should choose to accept it, is to make a default icon for the community. You may use any pictures of any member(s) of the cast, just be sure to include the community name somewhere on the icon. It can be Fellowship Stills, Fellowship Stillness, fellowsh_stills...whatever variation you wish.

Post your icons in a comment to this post only. Include both the IMG SRC and the URL in your comment.

Challenge ends on Monday 10th of January!
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