Eve (amara_verite) wrote in fellowsh_stills,

Challenge 36 reminder

Drat it, drat it, DRAT IT!

So I got back from vacation yesterday after a week of thinking, "Good thing I gave challenge 36 another week so I'd have time to post mid-week reminders and all."

Only I didn't! The due date is tomorrow, and we have only one entrant in the theme challenge. So please try and get your entries in, and if we don't get anyone else, we'll put it off another week. (O woe!)

*sighs* And I was so proud of myself... C'est la vie. I'm an absentminded numbskull.

Anyway, the challenges are Karl Urban, who doesn't seem to get much love, and a black and white with one color for the theme challenge.
Tags: challenge 36, reminders
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