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Actor Challenge #4: Viggo Mortensen

Pictures: Number 1 | Number 2 | Number 3 | Number 4

[x] Use the pictures as you will, you may blend them together, but no animation.
[x] Feel free to use your own pictures.

Regular Challenge #4: Lyrics

Feature at least four consecutive words from the following lyrics on your icon, and it needs to be legible. As usual, use any pictures you wish, of any actor(s) or actress(es).

Sprung Monkey - "Reluctant Man"

Oh reluctant man who's afraid to touch the world
Why are you hiding?
What is the base of all your fears?
Do you find yourself in a cold, cruel world?
Dark and desperate
Scared and lonely

Selfish man who never gave to anyone else
What are you holding?
Is it worth the price you pay?
'Cause your eyes they see just what you want to see
And I hope they're not staring blindly at me

Cynical man who looks so hard to find a doubt
Can't you see the truth you're mutilating by what you're fabricating
Oh destroyer man knocking holes right through the heart
It's feelings that we're made of
It's feelings you're afraid of
You never cared before
Now you fight for so much more
There's no excuses now I can see you're breaking
A boy once in his youth
Now a man must face the truth
Well there's no excuses now I can see that you're breaking
Consider this
Break down the walls
Break down the walls
Break down the walls
Cause I can see a better place
Now I can see a better place for you
Yeah I can see a better place for you

They're coming to see
And you're running to hide
Suppressing your emotions deep inside
So that the angry man can now control your world
He's not above the killing
It's time for you to show yourself

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[x] Post your icons in a comment to this post only.
[x] Include both the IMG SRC and the URL in your comment.
[x] Remember to follow all rules stated in the userinfo.

Challenge ends on Monday 31st of January!
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