Irda Majere (irda) wrote in fellowsh_stills,
Irda Majere

Challenge #28: Community Icon

This week, there will be only one challenge, and no pictures provided. I'd like you to make a new community icon! We've had our current one for a good long while, and what better way to start off the new year. =)

Here are the rules for this week's challenge:

[x] Each member may enter up to 2 icons.
[x] Each icon entered must include more than one member of the LotR cast! Gotta admit, it's more fun that way.
[x] No animation please, since this is a stillness challenge.
[x] Include the community name on the icon. Try to use 'Fellowship Stillness' or 'Fellowship Stills' rather than 'fellowsh_stills'. It's prettier.
[x] You can use whatever pictures you like, but remember to feature the actors out of character.
[x] The challenge will run for two weeks, giving you plenty of time to come up with something pretty.

- Challenge ends on 31st of January -
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