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Challenge 37

Sorry it took so long to post. I lost Internet access. *poutpout* But hey, it's the best valid excuse I've had to date, right?

Sadly, that means I can't post pics with the challenge yet (not my computer, and I've only got a few minutes, so no downloading/uploading for me), but here are some links:

Regular Challenge: Orlando Bloom

The Orlando Bloom Files
Orlando Bloom Multimedia

I'll upload more later if I get the chance.

Theme Challenge: Lyrics

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Another reminder

I realize that the reminder is a little late. The reasons? Car troubles, house construction issues, and, get this for the first time in a very long time, we have three people participating. So people can still enter, but we'll have voting up very early tomorrow morning. Say, five, six hours? There's no rush. If you leave a comment telling me you'll have the icons in by two AM CST, I'm willing to wait. I'm just really excited about having so many icons for the contest.

Challenge link.
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Challenge 36 reminder

Drat it, drat it, DRAT IT!

So I got back from vacation yesterday after a week of thinking, "Good thing I gave challenge 36 another week so I'd have time to post mid-week reminders and all."

Only I didn't! The due date is tomorrow, and we have only one entrant in the theme challenge. So please try and get your entries in, and if we don't get anyone else, we'll put it off another week. (O woe!)

*sighs* And I was so proud of myself... C'est la vie. I'm an absentminded numbskull.

Anyway, the challenges are Karl Urban, who doesn't seem to get much love, and a black and white with one color for the theme challenge.
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Challenge 36

+ Enter up to three comments for each challenge (regular and theme).
+ I'm going to Miami Saturday (that's why things have been a little hectic, lately. So much to do, so little time), and I'm not sure how much Internet access I'll have, if I have any. So let's put the due date September 4.
+ New icons.
+ You don't have to use these photos. You can use any photos.

Regular Challenge: Karl Urban

Theme Challenge:

Black & White, with one color.

Remember- Theme challenges can be of any actor from LOTR.

Hope it's fun!